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Great idea! I would love to discuss what you have done in schools.I grew up watching you guys with Reford Twp Unicycle club
Steve Curtis from Travelling with Ringling Bros Circus on October 31 2004 - 12:58

I was in the project at camp watcha wanna do I had a great time I did stilts and the barrel they have a picture of me on this doing stilts
Jake Hosier from same as Matt Hosier on June 26 2004 - 17:23

Camp Watcha Wanna Do loved the circus! Easy to coordinate. Amazing to watch how quickly our cancer survivors and their siblings learned the acts. Teresa & Sem were great!
Sandy Grooms from IN on June 25 2004 - 23:04

My children were at Camp Whatcha Wanna Do and say they had a great time at the big top. Thanks for the pictures and helping to make a kids day.
Matt Hosier from Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 25 2004 - 19:51

I picked up my daughter from Camp Watch-Wanna-Do (cancer survivor wk)& she has done nothing but talk about the BIG TOP! Thank all of you for sharing your caring!! You used the PAY IT FORWARD theme for children & families who ever so much need it. Keep up all the great work. Always remember, KEEP YOUR HEAD TO THE SKY & SMILE!!!!!
Kim Reynolds from Ft. Wayne, IN on June 25 2004 - 19:31

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