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I volunteered for the Dresden Elementary School show on 17/04/08. My son goes to this school. I find your cirque very enterprising and interactive and a great thing for kids. It is rewardable that the entire show is actually done in just one day. Keep going. Good Luck.
Neera Singh from Michigan on April 20 2008 - 22:09

I think the cirque amongus was the most fun activity at dresden yet!
Sarah from ST.HGTS. MICHIGAN on April 19 2008 - 16:31

Thank you for making the kids feel like stars this was such a great thing for the kids to learn to work in a group and have fun at the same time.
Tammy Peters from Dresden elementary on April 18 2008 - 11:28

A big HUGE thank you to the Cirqueamongus staff! We have an awesome funfilled day that everyone will remember forever. Your program was wonderful and really made all of the students at our school feel like a star.
Lisa Hanel from Dresden Elementary on April 17 2008 - 22:34

Hey today cirque Among us came to are school. Its was so FUNN I learned so much about circus. Its was the bst day at school. I hope to see you again.
Taylor from Washington Township Mi on April 17 2008 - 17:15

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