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This was SO fun and I was just a volunteer! My 4 children whole-heartedly agree! The managers were INCREDIBLY organized, helpful and friendly. What an outstanding day for everyone involved! Thank you!
Robin from Geneseo on May 3 2008 - 20:26

it was such a great way for all of us kids to get involved in something fun for a day at school all the people from Cirque Amoungus were so prepared it was just SO fun!!
Rachel R from Geneseo on May 2 2008 - 22:09

This was such an amazing program. The kids where engaged and excited at all levels. The gentlemen leading the program were incredibly organized and welcoming. It was a great time for the students and teachers alike! Thank you!
Jen B. from Geneseo, IL on May 2 2008 - 17:24

I volunteered for the Dresden Elementary School show on 17/04/08. My son goes to this school. I find your cirque very enterprising and interactive and a great thing for kids. It is rewardable that the entire show is actually done in just one day. Keep going. Good Luck.
Neera Singh from Michigan on April 20 2008 - 22:09

I think the cirque amongus was the most fun activity at dresden yet!
Sarah from ST.HGTS. MICHIGAN on April 19 2008 - 16:31

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